Ashland Town Mgr. Michael Herbert’s Newsletter 9/29

(Reposted every Friday from email)

Good Afternoon Ashland!

As we bid farewell to September and eagerly anticipate the vibrant colors of October, we have several exciting events lined up for this weekend. First and foremost, we have the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Additionally, music enthusiasts can look forward to the 1st Annual Ashland/Hopkinton PorchFest and the 2nd Annual Stone Park Music Festival.

I also didn’t want this month to go by without acknowledging that it is National Recovery Month. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that 46.3 million individuals aged 12 and above have been identified with a substance use disorder. Alarmingly, 94% of these individuals have not sought treatment in the past year. This devastating affliction doesn’t just affect the individuals but ripples out to touch their friends, families, and even the broader community.

Yet, there’s hope. A heartening 20.9 million people have embraced the path of recovery. I stand among them, looking forward to celebrating 24 years of sobriety this coming January. My purpose in sharing this is to underscore the fact that recovery is achievable, even when circumstances seem dire. If you or someone you know is struggling, a myriad of resources awaits, including our dedicated Human Services team. They stand ready to assist, just contact them at and they will help. And you’re always welcome to approach me directly. The experiences of my journey and those close to me were the driving inspiration for the establishment of our Human Services department and I’m extremely proud of their commitment and the transformative impact they make every day.

Looking forward to seeing you around town over the next week.

Michael Herbert
Town Manager