Susan Petroni, Founder of the SOURCE

History of The Metrowest SOURCE

The Metrowest SOURCE was founded in 2016 by veteran Journalist Susan Petroni in Framingham, Massachusetts. Prior to this, Susan had worked for the Patch News but after being laid off the second time by The Patch in 2016, she launched the Framingham SOURCE online newsportal. She covered Framingham from City Hall, to sports, to community events, to the schools, and everything in between. On May 1st, 2023, Susan officially retired from the SOURCE as she was selected to become Framingham’s next Public Information Officer. Susan’s new contract with the City of Framingham forbides her from continuing to run the SOURCE.

Keeping Susan’s proud legacy alive, the Metrowest Source was then continued as an online newsportal by Symbol of Trust LLC that primarily focuses on three towns: Ashland, Holliston, and Hopkinton, Massachusetts.  You can follow our updates each week at MetrowestSource.com