Ashland Trash Costs To Rise, Split Into 2 Bills

As noted earlier this year, transportation and disposal costs for solid waste are going up nationwide, which is leading to a significant increased cost to municipalities. We have tried out best to keep trash disposal costs level for residents, but for the first time in 15 years, the annual flat trash fee is increasing from $146 to $204.40 ($78 to $109.20 for seniors) per year. Trash bag costs under the “pay as you throw” system have also gone up: large bags are now $2.70 (from $1.80), small bags are $1.58 (up from $1.05).

Since we first notified residents of this change, many have expressed concern that they will not be able to pay the entire bill at one time. In order to try and accommodate those residents, moving forward the rubbish/recycling billing will now change from once a year to twice a year. The initial bill (1 of 2) will be sent August 28th, the second bill will follow six months later in February.

Remember the more that you recycle, the less bags that you have to pay for (the whole premise behind a “pay as your throw” program). Also consider the town’s Black Earth Composting program as a viable option to significantly reduce your household’s trash bag usage. For more information regarding Black Earth Composting visit the sustainability page of the town website or click on the following link: