Interview With Janine’s Jewelry, Holliston

This week we’d like to highlight “Janine’s Jewelry” in Holliston for our Business Spotlight Series.  Here is an interview with their owner Janine Gerade, who’s business is located at 841 Washington Street, Holliston. Her website is:

1) What’s your business called & how did you name it?
My niece told me to call it Janine’s Jewelry. I used to own a floral shop called Janine’s Floral Design. Not original, I know but my name isn’t common and it helped me to love my name more. I hated it as a kid in the 80’s because I couldn’t just buy pencils with my name on it. Hahaha So my niece one day said to just keep it simple. So I did.
2) What does your business do? 
I make handmade jewelry with silver, clay, resin etc. I also repair costume jewelry.
3) How many years have you been in business?
I’ve been at my location for 5 years, a business for about 8 years and making jewelry for 25 years.
4) Why did you choose your location? 
I was at a small shop on Union street and the building was being sold. This spot, which used to be a candy store called candy cottage, was empty. My friend who was selling the building I was in at the time told me to call the building owner and ask if it was for rent and it was. Glad I took her advice. He’s been the best landlord.
5) What motivates you?
 Coffee. But seriously, I am motivated by the change in fashion and the never ending techniques to learn.
6) What makes your business unique and stand out from other businesses in your industry? 
I use various types of mediums and sometimes combine them. Also, my attention to detail and designing dainty meaningful pieces.
7) What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know? 
I created this business without a loan and I use antiques for my display. Shopping for displays was almost as fun as making the jewelry pieces. In addition, I created this business so I could be home for my daughter after school and it has worked out for my family.
8 ) Do you have any advice for new business owners?
Yes, go through the proper channels to set up your business, such as getting licenses and tax id. It’s a lot easier than you think to set up. Do that first and hire an accountant.
9) What could your town do better to support local businesses?
Get rid of the abandoned gas station and finish the public parking lot on green Street.
10) Which Business Chambers/Associations do you belong to and how have they helped your business?
None at the moment. I used to belong to a women’s business group that was wonderful but it dissolved during Covid. I did gain a few friends from that group so I think they are essential.
Find Janine’s Jewelry on Instagram: