Modelville Hobby Slot Cars, Ashland

– By Bryant Jones

I took my son to Modeleville Hobby Slot car racing in Ashland and this is such a great place for the Kiddos! The owner says they’ve been in existence for 14 years at this location and their address is: 280 Eliot St, Ashland, MA 01721

For 30 minutes he was entertained, which is saying a lot for a five year old. Our only mistake was it’s not as much fun without at least two kids to race each other.

They have reasonable hourly rates for birthday party packages as well. I can see this being a blast for birthdays and unique from the usual “Launch” type of locations.

The owner, Rich, publishes a schedule. Tuesday or Friday nights is 1/24 scale races. There is an HO car league as well. Both are very competitive with guys that have a lot of racing experience and some come over an hour away as this is the only such track around. There are great folks who use the track and we welcome newbies who honestly try to learn and compete. Expect to spend $300 to $400 for a car and controller to get yourself started.  However there are cars for around $90 and you can borrow a controller to simply participate.

The owner, Rich, is very supportive. Tuesdays are retro cars (brass hand assembled chassis) and Fridays are usually factory cars (factory stamped chassis). Both classes also vary in body types and motors. Racers paint their own car bodies that are sold as clear bodies, but rich sells prepainted bodies too. The commrodery is great. When racers crash their car, often another racer will fix it for them. Usually racers become friends, a truly class act of folks.

For more information, their website is: