Jim Noon from Hopkinton, who went missing 9/10/23, was found alive today. He was transported to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.

James (Jim) Noon, 84, walked away from his apartment at Golden Pond Assisted Living Center on September 10 at approximately 10:00 PM. His absence was reported to Hopkinton police and fire at 12:30 AM on September 11. First responders deployed drones and K-9 units but were unable to locate Mr. Noon, including the Ashland Police.

The search continued throughout the day but was suspended due to darkness on September 11th. Search teams reassembled on the morning of September 12th to continue to search through the woods and swampy areas in the vicinity of Golden Pond. Late last night the search team received updated video footage of Mr. Noon leaving the facility. Using a computer model provided by the State Police the rescue team was able to create a high probability search zone. They also adjusted their pattern today; whereas yesterday they went yard to yard, today they formed a line and walked the woods in the search zone. Traversing dense forest and muddy areas, a state trooper located Mr. Noon laying down near a creek at approximately 11:00 AM. He was just north of Icehouse Pond, about 30 feet from the trail. Mr. Noon appeared to be in distress and may have sustained a fall, resulting in an abdominal injury.

Two medics and a compliment of police officers rushed the injured man to an ambulance for transport. Despite having suffered from 36 hours of exposure Mr. Noon’s vital signs were strong.