New Outlets to Express Yourself Online

For a long-time there has only been one active Facebook group in Ashland. No matter the quality, it’s never healthy for one group to monopolize a community.

Some have expressed frustration with a perceived agenda when their posts are inexplicably deleted. It may only be a perception. Nevertheless, you finally have choices.

Perhaps you’re looking for a different Facebook vibe? With 800 members, the first is the “Ashland News Store” with a feeling of “openness:”

It is a new place on the Internet to learn about Ashland, post your opinion, and express yourself. It’s looking to achieve a wonderful resource for our community. This new board shows the bright side of Ashland, even if you’ve been removed elsewhere, your welcome here as life is about second chances.

Looking for a place to advertise your organization or business?  In Ashland you have the Business HappyBoard:

In Holliston, the largest group to advertise your organization or business is “Holliston Share Your Business!” approaching 2K members:

For community chat in Hopkinton, “Hopkinton Comes Together” has been a stable place to advertise or express an opinion going on 7 years. With ~5k members, it’s hard to beat:

What do all of these four community groups have in common? They all have a commitment to free speech that is unseen elsewhere. Mild drama won’t cause your posted opinions to dissappear. We reached out to the operators of the large Facebook group referenced in the first paragraph but they do not wishe to make a statement at this time.